An open source library that lets your users draw on things - mark up images with text, shapes, etc.
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Drawsana 0.9.2

Drawsana is a generalized framework for making freehand drawing views on iOS. You can let users scribble over images, add shapes and text, and even make your own tools.

Do you want to let your users mark up images? Are you writing a simple painting app? Drawsana might work for you!

Demo source code


Like what you see? Come work with us!


  • Built-in tools
    • Pen with line smoothing
    • Eraser
    • Ellipse, rect, line, arrow
    • Selection
    • Text
  • Undo/redo
  • Drawings are Codable, so you can save and load them
  • Extensible—make your own shapes and tools without forking the library



Add Asana/Drawsana to your Cartfile and update your project like you would for any other Carthage framework, or clone the source code and add the project to your workspace.

github "Asana/Drawsana" == 0.9.2


import Drawsana

class MyViewController: UIViewController {
  let drawsanaView = DrawsanaView()
  let penTool = PenTool()
  func viewDidLoad() {
    /* ... */
    drawsanaView.set(tool: penTool)
    drawsanaView.userSettings.strokeWidth = 5
    drawsanaView.userSettings.strokeColor = .blue
    drawsanaView.userSettings.fillColor = .yellow
    drawsanaView.userSettings.fontSize = 24
    drawsanaView.userSettings.fontName = "Marker Felt"
  func save() {
    let jsonEncoder = JSONEncoder()
    jsonEncoder.outputFormatting = [.prettyPrinted, .sortedKeys]
    let jsonData = try! jsonEncoder.encode(drawingView.drawing)
    // store jsonData somewhere
  func load() {
    let data = // load data from somewhere
    let jsonDecoder = JSONDecoder()
    let drawing = try! jsonDecoder.decode(Drawing.self, from: jsonData)
    drawsanaView.drawing = drawing
  func showFinalImage() {
    imageView.image = drawsanaView.render() 

Background images

Drawsana does not currently have a way to automatically show an image under your drawing. We recommend that, like in the example class, you add a UIImageView underneath your DrawsanaView and make sure your DrawsanaView's frame matches the image frame. When it's time to get the final image, use DrawsanaView.render(over: myImage).

Building docs

sudo gem install jazzy
make docs
open .docs/index.html

pip install ghp-import
make publish-docs



  • Convert to Swift 4.2
  • CocoaPods support


  • DrawsanaView.selectionIndicatorViewShapeLayer is exposed, allowing you to more easily customize the appearance of the selection indicator
  • Changes to DrawsanaView.selectionIndicatorView's style are animated in fewer cases, which more closely matches user intent
  • Improved text tool use in the demo app


Initial release