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AscEmu is derived from ArcEmu to keep up the Antrix-Ascent-Arcemu way of Framework. We focus on optimizing the codebase and improving the ingame functionality.

You can help us by contributing. It is completely open source and can be used by everyone. This project is for educational purpose. So, if you're looking for serverfiles to run your server or create some "custom" scripts this is the wrong place for you. If you want to discuss/develop/work on an open source project and on important stuff for the framework feel free to join our community.

Multiversion Status

AscEmu will support the most common versions. This is currently a work in progress. Check out the following table to see the current status of multiversion support:

Description Classic TBC WotLK Cataclysm
Authentification OK OK OK OK
Worldsocket OK OK OK OK
Char Enum OK OK OK OK
Log into world NO OK OK OK


Feel free to contribute any corrections but make sure it is useful and tested before opening PRs.

What are "useful" commits?

  1. Fixing an open issue.
  2. Related to the milestones.
  3. Making the Framework stable/safer
  4. Adding blizzlike related functions

Anything else like "fun-content" is NOT useful!

Opening new issues

Be patient with us and give us details.

  1. How to reproduce the issue
  2. How should it work
  3. Images will help us a lot


HowTo install (detailed guides on our wiki)


Copyright and other stuff

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