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Thanks and Credits

AscEmu is derived from ArcEmu, Ascent, Antrix, WowD Team. Many people worked on the source and we appreciate the developers of the earlier projects.

Thanks to everyone in the AscEmu community who helped us by discussing features, submitting issues and all these awsome suggestions. You keep this project alive.

Thanks go out to the following people for patches/code contributed to AscEmu. Not everyone can handle this source (or can invest so much effort) so these people are awsome:

  • aaron02
  • Appled
  • AriDEV
  • Asura
  • brotalnia
  • armm77
  • Cronicman
  • DankoDj
  • dhmann
  • Evairfairy
  • Infield (Iny)
  • Lectro
  • master312
  • Nupper
  • Razfury
  • schnek
  • Sdyessdev (Taft)
  • sanctum32
  • Zyres