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CCTime frontend
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The CCTime Dapp consists of two parts:
This repository is the frontend part of the Dapp, the cctime-backend is the backend part which includes the smart contract code.


For this repository to work you need to have the cctime-backend part on your local Asch blockchain registered and installed.
Therefore please follow the installation instructions on the cctime-backend repository and then come back and start the frontend part of CCTime.


Prepare Frontend

This frontend needs to connect to the right Dapp.
A Dapp is identified through a DappId. So we need to adjust the DappId in the src/vuex/actions.js file.


Change the current DappId beginning with d352263... with your DappId you got after the registration of your Dapp.


import Identicon from 'identicon.js'
import aschJS from 'asch-js'
// 存储异步操作,获取数据用commit操作mutation
let baseUrl = '/api/dapps/<your Dapp Id>' // 真实环境

Install Frontend Dependencies

# install dependencies
npm install

Run Frontend

This command starts the frontend on localhost:8080

npm run dev


If you have questions, please ask them on the gitter asch-development chat.


The GPLv3 License.

Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Asch

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