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This is the first public release of Ambassador.

This initial version of Ambassador has all of the same features as ChatZilla, along with the following new features:

Partial IRCv3 Support

Several IRCv3 capabilities have been added:

  • away-notify
  • multi-prefix
  • chghost
  • userhost-in-names

Note that if away-notify has been enabled, the auto away-checking/WHO polling feature is automatically disabled for that server.

Password Management

Password management capabilities have been added for server passwords, channel keys, nickserv identification, and oper identification. If you enter a password as part of a standard command, the application will offer to save it in the password database. If you are using Ambassador as an add-on, the password database is shared with the browser.

A new identify command has been added that acts as an alias for msg nickserv identify. It also interfaces with the password manager and will allow you to save passwords for nicknames. Use /help identify for more information on this command.

New UI Components

A new window has been added for viewing the details of a secure server connection. The information displayed includes the cipher used, keysize, and protocol version. The SSL certificate may also be viewed here. This information may be accessed by clicking on the padlock icon displayed in the lower right corner.

A built-in networks editor has been added. You can now manage your list of known networks and servers without manually editing networks.txt. You can open the editor from the client tab, from the main menu (IRC > Networks...), or by using the edit-networks command.

Other Features

  • For the stand-alone application, a new flush-ssl command for clearing the TLS session cache has been added. This is intended to be a workaround for reconnecting to IRC servers that do not properly handle TLS session caching. In the add-on, you must clear active login data from the browser's history manager.
  • The default ircs port has been changed from 9999 to the more commonly used 6697.
  • CEIP has been removed.
  • Proper munger handling for mIRC color 99 (transparency) has been added.
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