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base fork: Asenar/Module-PrestaShop-autoupgrade
base: d232aaa4c6
head fork: Asenar/Module-PrestaShop-autoupgrade
compare: 7e4ef00d98
Commits on May 22, 2012
@Asenar merge + private now uses link and md5 fbe4ca2
Commits on May 23, 2012
@Asenar 1)
- display warnings if skipActions is used (this has to be merged in
main branch)
- error and success handling (display description)
- 2 modes created normal/advanced. Now we need to handle configuration
@Asenar dev version 1a94b1e
@Asenar dev version bis de54218
@Asenar cleaning ... 1021fb0
@Asenar - bug fix if md5 is missing
- upgrader.xml replaced by upgrader-1.5.xml
@Asenar // fix Damien's weird thing c943198
@Asenar fix infinite loop in restoreQuery step 1acf9b1
Michaël Advanced mode interface (or kind of ...) :) bf705e7
@Asenar interface ready ... next step is saving the configuration and removin…
…g version.xml references
@Asenar // disable non working yet functiosn d951d3b
Michaël add channel and branch features in Upgrader.php de91ca6
Michaël add todo-list 9dd92f5
Michaël by the way, version 0.4 ! 85d4ce0
Michaël // remove unused var 9e011b9
Michaël // configuration to choose channel is working 710199f
Michaël bugfix 21881b2
Michaël fix a12bded
Michaël bugfix + fix md5 in channel.xml a51530f
Michaël CHANGELOG bfc46ec
@Asenar bugfix related to advanced mode and saving conf when no conffile exists f7ea966
@Asenar set to official channel.xml file 80fa296
@Asenar bugfix in 1.5 c01372c
@Asenar // maj TODO list 991b7ed
@Asenar All bug fixed:
restoreProcess delete all files (but not directories .. yet)
all channel (including directory and archive) works
upgrade with warning in upgradeDb does do restoration
if an error happen (even fatal error), restoration is called automatically
next version available in branch (1.4/1.5) is handled
@Asenar fix 1.5 PS_ADMIN undefined in AdminSelfTab d472ece
@Asenar this->getConfig replaces Configuration::get,
expert mode
@Asenar refresh system for Upgrader c10f09e
@Asenar config.xml e54e8de
@Asenar channel.xml improvements 7d9a3e8
@Asenar correct xml 1e0d1cd
@Asenar tab parent is now default to AdminModules 27894d7
@Asenar trads 8aee8bf
@Asenar cleanning code 1625371
@Asenar better algorith for choosing the correct version to follow related to…
… branch / channel hierarchy
@Asenar config.xml and channel.xml updated c85154f
@Asenar expressions fe202b3
@Asenar mod todo ee6a320
@Asenar stop at first match on channel.xml 512766f
@Asenar minor fix from 1.4 class ... ca78ba1
@Asenar // minor fixes, add private_exclude_major b2428e6
@Asenar // no dev, use public 4788b0f
@Asenar fix INSTALL_PATH _PS_INSTALL_PATH_ 12cb957
@Asenar silly fix debug forgotten 8da2b9f
@Asenar norms 9b83438
@Asenar norms 2583d52
@Asenar norms a884f3f
@Asenar tmp, norms d6ac870
@Asenar rollback next_params/nextParams, TODO remove directories 2dfa9f1
@Asenar // merge from master into advanced_mode 5b837b9
@Asenar merge from master into advanced_mode + norms 15621b7
@Asenar remove svn for dev unstable of the doom dd33612
@Asenar gitignore ef6c7fd
@Asenar // set version to 0.4.2 bf75911
@Asenar [-] MO : autoupgrade - prevent usage of undefined constants related t…
…o Cache
@Asenar change version number to 0.4.3-dev f54ddc4
@Asenar now we can choose archive_file channel with a custom filename for zip 914d567
@Asenar [*] now restoreFiles delete new files
[-] Fix notice information abs/rel path
@Asenar Now directory to remove for restoreProcess is listed (by listFilesToR…
…emove )
@Asenar change version to 0.4.3 3803764
@Asenar [-] can now delete backup from back-office ( PNM-167 ) ef0642d
@Asenar listFilesInDir bugfix
simplification of displayForm
bugfix option status is now correctly displayed
@Asenar for tag 0.4.4 f0a8ac7
@Asenar [-] MO : autoupgrade now admin/autoupgrade is cleared on uninstallation f612782
@Asenar fix date_timezone warning 83590cb
@Asenar commit only getConfig modification 717ff46
@Asenar use _PS_ROOT_DIR_ for db() method f224034
@Asenar Warning "please update your configuration" now correctly displayed 8af61d6
@Asenar now refreshing the page use Tools::redirectAdmin() 603bfa9
@Asenar change variable name for keepImage 713a0a9
@Asenar config advanced small fix + design 49d9663
@Asenar deleteDirectory is now a method inside the class 8fccaf9
@Asenar colors in console are now more subtiles 5dee9ac
@Asenar fix cacheFs end of upgrade bug a47c9cd
@Asenar config is now correctly displayed 1d6cc9d
@Asenar maj for tag 1181a4d
@Asenar - images are now saved
- removed fake link for option fieldset
@Asenar set to 0.4.6 653cd1d
@Asenar add new checkbox to allow (or not) major upgrade in private channel cb729d5
@Asenar fixed directory created during/after upgrade was not removed when res…
@Asenar preparation for 0.4.7 + translations fr d799c8d
@Asenar fix check root status 1eb74ec
@Asenar bugfix in ConfigurationTest test_dir is writable a0a4916
@Asenar translation workaround c290bff
@Asenar traductions, PNM-154 996ba5a
@Asenar removed Tools::file_exists_cache, does not exists in 1.2.5 e73ec01
@Asenar new static max_written_allowed, config load fix, some expresssions mo…
…re accurates
@Asenar new way to handle keepTrad / keepMails fbc1ce6
@Asenar prepare to 0.4.8 93c9bf9
@Asenar revert x > w for fopen, bzopen + fix THEME_NAME missing in 1.5 (no mo…
…re retrocompatibility -_-)
@Asenar now restore has a separate list of files to skip 64d2551
@Asenar executeS now deactivate the cache 260725c
@Asenar prepare 0.4.9 7812a32
@Asenar fix big tables drop all tables 52b3419
@Asenar fix Cache used df2d78d
@Asenar tag 0.4.10 e44ab67
@Asenar additionnal check : cache MUST be deactivated 3451894
@Asenar 0.4.11-dev dc4c631
@Asenar upgrading db classes ... 7537862
@Asenar now all .zip are allowed in download dir (for archive channel) b6ed3bf
@Asenar shop deactivated display 4cc7511
@Asenar tag 0.4.11 66bed9e
@Asenar DEFINER=CURRENT_USER (instead of removing it) fa73dfe
@Asenar translations fix 47396df
@Asenar fix expressions, + lang addslashes in js 5b30ae7
@Asenar design + trad d0d5467
@Asenar 0.4.12 ! 64325f0
@Asenar now autoupgrade is excluded from "checkModifiedFiles" 3d3a5ba
@Asenar now configure button exists and redirect to autoupgrade page (by dMet…
@Asenar now test_dir skip img/p dir 463b728
@Asenar dm modifs 5744111
@Asenar set to 0.4.13, and new feature mergeTranslation done git diff --cache…
…d autoupgrade.php
@Asenar more accurate description for PS_AUTOUP_KEEP_TRAD 8f84ea6
@Asenar maj svn rev number oO 211fe57
@Asenar deactivate custom module fix adba8d0
@Asenar upgradeModules bugging ... 7 modules will be upgraded timeout ? 51f882c
@Asenar // maj from dm 4b9044f
@Asenar add warnings c3d7e56
@Asenar tag 0.4.13 669d2e4
@Asenar minor fix, by dm d671eff
@Asenar fix backup/restore steps 0ce3a64
@Asenar now private release requires link and md5 (and no more private_key) 34f2ef4
@Asenar merge + private now uses link and md5 29700c6
@Asenar Merge branch 'master' of /home/michael/git/autoupgrade
@Asenar module now modify PS_UPGRADE_CHANNEL Configuration in database if ava…
@Asenar tag 0.5.1 6b29c8d
@Asenar bugfix issest f00ee49
@Asenar bugfix at module installation c3b8dae
@Asenar now deprecated files are removed + bug fix warning_exists 18754c8
@Asenar svn rev. 766dd20
@Asenar tag 0.5.2 7e4ef00
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