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Super hacky screen saver for OS X I wrote in a few hours while drinking
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This is a project written during an internal hack day at 500px. The goal was to make a screen saver for OS X which displayed the 10 most recent photos in Editors Choice with a Ken Burns effect.

This project uses two default images. The first is Towering Fog taken downtown Toronto. The second is a long-exposure shot of star trails taken from the International Space Station.

There are a few issues right now.

  1. The project requires your user to be shortnamed "ash" to build.
  2. The project abuses how screensavers are supposed to be written on OS X.
  3. The effect used isn't really the "Ken Burns" effect, as it displays edges of photos. This needs to be addressed.
  4. Sometimes the animation stutters (see point 2).

But I'm fairly happy with it for a few hours work on my first ever screen saver project. Also probably my last, since writing these is hard. (Ever tried to debug a screen saver? Don't.)

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