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A FiveM mod and bash script for managing linux servers + auto restarts
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Manage your Fivem Linux server

Includes server script for sending in game message notifications 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 30 seconds before restart - default is set for restarts twice a day at 6am and 6pm.


  • Install into resources directory

  • Add the following line to your mods list in server.cfg

ensure fivem_linux_manager
  • Move the file to your roots /bin/ directory and run the following from your terminal to be able to run commands from the terminal:
$ sudo chmod +x /bin/


  • To setup automatic restarts you'll need to edit your systems CRON jobs
  • crontab is the simplest to use as it comes standard on most linux distributions. You can edit it using your servers default editor with:
$ crontab -e
  • Once in editing mode, add the below to it (this will set auto restart for 6am and 6pm relative to your servers time)
0 6 * * * restart
0 18 * * * restart

Important Notes

  • Make sure your FiveM path in your root directory matches what's in at FIVEM_PATH=/FiveM.
  • The stop and restart methods will clear your servers cache found at resources/cache, if you don't want to clear your cache you can remove the following lines from the file for both methods:
rm -R $FIVEM_PATH/server-data/cache/
echo -e "$GREEN Clearing the cache $NORMAL"


  • Once configured you can run start, stop, restart, status, screen from your servers terminal whenever you like
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