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VCAP Stager Client

Provides client implementations for queuing staging tasks. Currently, the following clients are provided:


Intended to be used when dealing with EM directly.

Sample usage:

client =, queue)

# Send the request, wait up to 10 seconds for a result
deferrable = client.stage(request, 10)

# Block will be invoked on any reply that is received (regardless of
# whether or not the Stager succeeded or failed).
deferrable.callback { |r| puts "Received response: #{r}" }

# Block will be invoked when an error occurs while processing the request.
# This includes errors deserializing the response and timeouts waiting for
# a reply.
deferrable.errback { |e| puts "An error occurred: #{e}" }


Intended to be used with EM + Fibers. Emulates a blocking api by yielding the calling fiber until the request completes.

Sample usage: do
  client =, queue)

    # Send the request, wait for up to 10 seconds to reply. The current
    # fiber is resumed once the request has completed.
    result = client.stage(request, 10)
  rescue => e
    # Exceptions that occur while performing the request are raised in
    # the calling fiber.
    puts "An error, #{e}, occurred"

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