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Ignore this page, it was made before Amassite was completed
Tag Lists

  • Include
  • Print
  • for
  • if
  • while
  • General Python

Include Tag

The include tag lets you include template HTML files as if they were in the document. You can also set variables to be passed to the template file to change how it is displayed.
{{include (template.html)}}
{include (template.html,size=500,width=400,name="hello world")}}

Variable Print

This will print out the value of the variable variable name
{{print variablename}}

If for and while

{{if foo==bar:}} and {{if foo==bar}} are both acceptable inputs for an if statement
{{endif}} will end the current if statement

Using other if like functions, for example elif or else will both attach to whatever the most recent if statement is. The function below prints out the maximum value between the two variables foo and bar.

{{if foo==bar}}
  {{print foo}}
{{elif foo>bar}}
  {{print foo}}
  {{print bar}}

Generic python

Basicly you can write python code within the <!--{PYTHONCODE}--> tags. Maybe Ill make some things easier later. the include() function has been written already.

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