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Olympus Server Management System

Web Server
Source Server
Remote Server

Plugins create three parts of that a UI
User Interface <- interface compiled to XML
Source Server Program <- custom language to receive data
Remote Server Program <- actual program <- or custom language

how will the server programs communicate with each other / what will the plugins be able to do
what language will the plugins be written in. A universal language so that it can be run on any platform
or a single language that cannot be run on unknown platforms.

Python - Python would be good but would also require to be run in the python enviroment
Uncompiled C/C++ - this code would need to be compiled once it reaches the destination computer
Java - No

Other option is linux-only we could limit part or all of the plugins to OS - specific

how will the plugins actualy work? will they be run a forks of the original program
if so then they should share some basic file pointers connecting them to the original sockets
this is a good idea. Creating a language that interfaces with the remote program is ok however how will the
program communicate with custom interfaces on the computer.


A dynamic IP plugin based server management program







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