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71 lines (61 sloc) 3.5 KB is a website that can be used to calculate required resources from a list of final requirements, and tell you how to get from the raw resources to the final resources.

Resource Calculation Screenshot

Creating or Updating a Calculator

If you want to add a new resource list to the calculator you will only need 4 things:
1) The list of resources and what is needed to obtain them (eg: resource_lists/minecraft/resources.yaml)
2) A set of rectangular images of uniform size for each of the resources (eg: resource_lists/minecraft/items/)
3) A 300px by 150px thumbnail of the game you are making a calculator for (eg: resource_lists/minecraft/icon.png)
4) A folder in resource_lists/ for all of the files to live in (eg: resource_lists/minecraft)


The resource list is a yaml file that contains all the recipes for each possible item in the game. All items will have a "Raw Resource" type to allow users to ignore any materials needed for crafting that resource, and because some resouces are base resources that you cannot crraft Though key/value mappings are not inherently ordered, when we build the calculator page the order is preserved from the yaml file allowing one to order the items in a coherient manner.

  - output: 1
    recipe_type: Raw Resource
      Lithium: 0

  Small Battery:
  - output: 1
    recipe_type: Backpack Printer
      Lithium: -1
  - output: 1
    recipe_type: Raw Resource
      Small Battery: 0

  Medium Battery:
  - output: 1
    recipe_type: Printer
      Lithium: -2
  - output: 1
    recipe_type: Raw Resource
      Medium Battery: 0

For ease of reading we will allways have the key order be output, recipe_type, requirements, and then optionally extra_data where you can store extra information about the item in an unstructured map


For each itme in your resources.yaml file you will need to have an image for that resource. If an image is missing then the build process will submit a warning and fill that space with a purple color indicating it does not have an icon. The icons can be any size, even rectangular, but they all must be the same size as each other for a given calculator. The file names of each file should be the resource name in all lower case with no spaces or punctuation. For Example:
"Pink Stained Glass Pane" becomes pinkstainedglasspane.png
"Jack 'o Lantern" becomes jackolantern.png


The icon needs to be 300px by 150px to fit in with the other calculator links. It also needs to be in the png format, not jpeg.

Compiling The Calculator

On linux you will need to have python3 installed as well as several python depenencies found in requirements.txt

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip pngquant npm
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
npm install

On windows you should be able install the same dependencies via pip and npm though I am unsure how to use pngquant on windows, should work without being able to run the png compression however.

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