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Ashita Issue Tracker

Welcome to the public Ashita issue tracker!

Here you can report bugs that you may be experiencing with Ashita, its addons/plugins, or its launcher. You can also find other information for common issues and such that others may be experiencing with Ashita as well. Please be sure to give this readme a full look over before submitting new bug reports or questions. It is always good practice to search before submitting things as your issue may already be resolved.

Looking for help/information? Be sure to check the wiki:

Reporting Bugs

When reporting a bug, GitHub will present you with a template that we ask users to follow and fill out. This helps us not have to ask common questions inside of every ticket by having you already provide them in your main report. Please be sure to fill out the information as best as possible and where applicable. (Failure to fill out the information, or not following the directions in the template may lead to your issue being closed without response.)

To help us best help you, it is important that your bug report be as detailed as possible. Aside from filling out the template, including as much additional information as you can helps us diagnose your problem easier and faster. Additional information can be things such as screenshots, video recordings, crash dumps, etc. Anything that you think may help with fixing your issue.

Feature Requests

Want to request a feature? Make a bug report and remove the whole template. Instead of filling out the template, include information about your feature request. Information that should be included in your feature request would be things such as:

  • What part of Ashita is the feature for?
    • Ashita.dll hook.
    • Ashita.exe launcher.
    • A specific addon/plugin. (If so, which one?)
    • Other? (Website, Discord bot, etc. let us know what specifically.)
  • Description of the request.


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