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Welcome to the Ashita documentation website. Please take a moment to get familiar with Ashita by reading the various documentation on this website.

For Users

General users of Ashita will want to read about using Ashita via the menu on the left of this page.

You can also use the Addons and Plugins links at the top of this site to view information specifically about an addon or plugin such as its commands.

Not finding what you are looking for or need support/help? Feel free to join us on Discord here: Click to join the Ashita Discord server.

Or check out our website/forums here:

Need to report a bug? You can find our issue tracker here: Issue Tracker

For Developers

Interested in developing addons or plugins for Ashita? You can find our developer documentation via the Developers link at the top of this site. There, you will find information regarding how addons and plugins are written as well as how to interact with Ashita via the Ashita Development Kit (ADK).

Join our other developers on Discord here: Click to join the Ashita Discord server.