A CLI tool used to query and cross-reference data on stock-tracking sites based on ETF symbols https://pypi.org/project/investogator/
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I made this when I wanted to get into investing in ETFs, but wasn't sure which ones were safe to pick for each category (technology, large cap growth, health/biotech, etc). My dad (who's big on investing) pointed me to a few sources for getting reviews on ETFs, but these didn't have a free API to query. Thus, I ended up leveraging BeautifulSoup to get the data I wanted so I wouldn't have to spend hours checking dozens of ETF symbols across multiple sites.

What sites does it check?

For ratings:

For sustainability:

How is the overall rating calculated?

Each of the ratings is on a 1-5 scale with 5 being a strong buy / high sustainability and 1 being a strong sell / low sustainability. These numbers are added together for a total out of 15. If data for a rating is missing, that rating is equal to a 0 instead of assuming a rating.


Right now it's not possible to pick multiple different categories to check the ETF symbols for. Only one category is expected (e.g. investogator get-ranked-etfs technology --limit=80)