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Automate Sketch

Make your workflow more efficient.



  • Search "Automate Sketch" from Sketch Runner.
  • Download, unzip it, then double-click the "automate-sketch.sketchplugin".
  • Download for older version Sketch.

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Menu Notes
Fit to Artboard with Margin Fit the width and height to the parent artboard with a margin.
Fit to Parent with Margin Fit the width and height to the parent, and set the margins.
Fit to Parent Width (Height) with Margin Fit the width or height to the parent, and set the margins.
Swap Width and Height Swap width and height for all selected layers.
Resize With Ratio Resize selected layers with an aspect ratio.
Adjust Sizes Increase/decrease width/height for selected layers from right/bottom/center origin, the increase/decrease value can be changed in "Preferences" - "Nudging".
Bounds Layer for Every Selection Create a bounds layer from the selected layer.
Divide Layer Split Layer.
Ungroup Shape Layer Ungroup shape layer.
Reset Bounding Box Remove all transform for selected group and shape layers, but not change the appearance.
Unlock All Layers Unlock all layers.
Show All Layers Show all layers in current page or selected group, artboard.
Toggle Layer Constrain Proportions Lock or unlock constrain proportions for selected layers.
Toggle Select Group’s Content on Click Toggle "select group’s content on click" option.
Select All Layers In Selection By Type Select all groups, text, shapes, bitmaps, symbol instances, slices, exportable layers, hidden layers.
Select Layers By Name Select all layers match by layer name.
Select All Child Layers Select all sub-layers.
Select All Siblings Layers Select all siblings layers.
Select Parent Groups Select parent groups.
Select Layers Below Select layers that in some group and position y less then selected layer.
Select Layers Outside of Artboard Bounds Select and reveal layers which is outside of the artboard bounds.
Select Reverse Select reverse.
Select None Select none.
Paste into Artboard Paste layers into selected artboards.
Paste and Replace Paste and replace, replace the selected layer with the Sketch layer on the clipboard.
Paste and Replace Setting Change the position of new layer relative to the old one.
Copy / Paste Layer Position and Size Copy and paste the position and size of selected layer.
Remove Redundant Groups Remove redundant nested groups.
Remove Empty Groups Remove empty group.
Remove All Groups Ungroup all groups in artboard.
Remove Hidden Layers Remove hidden layers.
Remove Transparency Layers Remove transparency layers.
Rename Layers Rename selected layers use custom template.
Find and Replace Layer Name Find and replace layer name.
Clear Layer Name Clears the layer name and removes the "copy" after the layer name.
Union Layer Union layers in artboard.
Convert to Outlines Convert layers to outline in artboard.
Toggle Mask for Selected Layers Toggle mask or unmask for selected layers.
Create / Sync Link Layer Create a link symbol layer from select group or artboard, and update the link symbol layers.
Adjust Layer Width/Height to Max/Min Adjust width/height of selected layers to max/min value.
Change Places Between Two Layers Change two objects positions based on midpoint or coordinate origin.
Tile Objects Tile objects with grid or any orientations.
Tile Objects by Position X (Y) Horizontal or vertical tiling objects.
Tile Objects Horizontally (Vertically) by Index Horizontal or vertical tile based on layer list location.
Distribute Layers Horizontally/Vertically and Fit Width/Height Distribute select layers with same width/height and space to fit select bound.
Arrange Objects Arrange selected layers or artboard.
Order Layers By ... Change the position in the layer list based on the object X / Y value, name, type.
Reverse Layer Order Invert the position in the layer list.
Collapse All Groups and Fit Canvas Run "Collapse All Groups" and "Fit Canvas" for all pages.
Change Texts Change text of selected layers use custom template.
Paste as Alphabetical Order Text Copy texts and paste as alphabetical order.
Increase / Decrease Line Height Increase and decrease line height for all selected text layers. Plus or minus half of the value that you move objects while using Shift-Arrow key, you can change the value in Preferences - Canvas - Nudging.
Increase / Decrease Letter Spacing Increase and decrease 0.38 letter spacing for all selected text layers.
Increase / Decrease / Reset Horizontally Scale Increase, decrease and reset horizontally scale for all selected text layers.
Not Truncate Text Remove the truncate text setting.
Truncate Text at Start / Middle / End Add a ellipsis at the start / middle / end of text, when text is overflow the layer bound.
Split Text Layer Split selected text layers to multiple layer, use new line and a separator.
Combine Text Layers Combine selected layers to one layer.
Capitalize Capitalize.
Change Text Orientation Change Text Orientation for CJK text layout.
Change Typeface for Latin Character Change the typeface for latin-character in the text layer.
Add Space Between CJK and Latin Character Add space between Chinese and Western.
Increase/Decrease Font Weight Increase or decrease font weight for selected layers.
Replace Fonts Replace Fonts.
Resize to Fit Text Height Resize text layer to fit text field height.
Toggle Auto and Fixed Toggle selected text layers auto and fixed.
Fixed / Unfixed Layer Name Cancels the fixed layer name of the text layer so that the layer name of the text follows the content.
Charater Count Charater cout from selected text layer or select range.
Auto Slice Create a slice based on layer with export preset.
Fast slice Create a URL-friendly slice based on layer with export preset, without modal window.
Slice Setting Setting the name, layer order and export option of new slice layer.
Remove All Slices Clear all slices.
Clear All Exportables Clear all Exportable settings.
Divide Slice Divide slice.
Save/Load Export Presets Save and load export presets.
Paste as Artboards Copy layers, image files or photos from iOS devices via Handoff, then paste them as artboards.
Paste as Symbol Master Copy layers, image files or photos from iOS devices via Handoff, then paste them as symbol masters.
Artboard Form Selection Create a new artboard from the selection object.
Artboard Form Group Create a new artboard from group.
Artboard to Group Artboard to group.
Select Parent Artboard Select parent artboard for selected layers.
Artboard Navigator Quickly go to artboard and rename it.
Resize to Fix Height / Width Adjusts the artboard to fit the height or width.
Toggle Adjust Content on Resize Turn on/off for all selected artboard and symbol master.
Move Artboards to Bottom of Anther Move selected artboards or symbol masters to the bottom of another one.
Move to Page Move selected artboards or symbol masters to another page.
Group Selected Layers in Each Artboard Group selected layers in each artboard.
Export all Artboards Export all artboards, symbols to PNG / SVG.
Export all Artboards to HTML Export show with HTML, searchable. When using SVG format, you can drag directly into Sketch.
Reset to Original Width / Height / Size Reset to original width / height / Size.
Shrink Instance to Fit Content Shrink Instance to Fit Content.
Find and Replace Symbol Find and replace symbol layer and override.
Reset Overrides Reset symbol overrides in selection.
Disable or Enable All Overrides Toggle disable or enable all override for selected local symbol instances or symbol masters.
Disable Selected Overrides Disable selected overrides for selected local symbol instances.
Select All Instance of Symbol Select all instances of the symbol.
Select Same Instances in Current Page Select all instances of selected symbol in current page.
Rename Instances Rename all instances, rename selection instances, rename instance by symbol master.
Rename Instances Use Text Override Rename seleted symbol instances with the vaule of selected text override, if instance have only one text override rename the instance with this value.
Create Symbols from Selected Layers Create symbol masters from selected layers.
Selection to Symbol Master Change the selected layer directly into the symbol in its original position.
Convert Artboards to Symbols Batch convert selected artboards to symbol master.
Detach All Symbols in Page or Artboard Detach all symbol instances in current page or artboard.
Detach Unused Symbol Master Converts unused symbol templates to groups.
Remove Unused Symbols Remove unused symbols, for Sketch 48+, with symbol preview.
Export all Symbols As PNG Export all symbols as PNG according to the "Page / symbol" rule.
Insert Symbols Insert local symbols that name match the regular expression.
Sync Symbol Master from Sketch File Synchronize symbols from Sketch files base on symbol ID.
Replace Pages from Sketch File Forcing the replacement of the same name from the Sketch file, you can import the page containing the symbol by modifying the page name.
Fix Library ID Conflict Fix library file with same document ID.
Imported Symbols Link Manage Link imported symbols to another library, or fix the library not found error.
Replace Library Swap all foreign symbols, styles from one library to another.
Fix Broken Library Symbols by Name Fix library symbol can't sync from library, replace with symbol have a same name.
Replace Symbol With Library Symbol Replace symbol with any library symbol.
Change Local Symbols to Library Symbol Change local symbols to library symbol with same symbol id or name.
Change Library Symbols to Local Symbol Change library symbols to local symbol, batch make local.
Swap Color Variables Used in Document With Those From Library Swap color variables used in the current document with matching ones from a chosen library.
Swap Text Styles Used in Document With Those From Library Swap text styles used in the current document with matching ones from a chosen library.
Swap Layer Styles Used in Document With Those From Library Swap layer styles used in the current document with matching ones from a chosen library.
Change Library Layer Style to Local Layer Style Make library layer style to local.
Change Library Text Style to Local Text Style Make library text style to local.
Import Document Assets from Library Import document assets like colors, gradients and images from any library.
Import Styles from Library Import text styles and layer styles from any library.
Add Library Preview Add a artboard for library preview image.
Insert Symbols From Library Insert symbol that name match the regular expression from the choose library.
Insert Artboard from Library Insert a artboad from library, symbols in the artboard will became library symbol.
Update Selected Library Symbol Only update the selected library symbols.
Update Selected Symbol Overrides Update selected symbol overrides.
Check For Library Updates Check for library updates.
Update Imported Objects from Library Sync library symbols, styles in a library.
Select Layer by Layer / Text Style Select layer by layer or text style in curret page, selected layer groups.
Select Layers with Same Style Select layers in current page with same shared style of selected layer.
Paste Fills / Borders / Shadows / Inner Shadows / Blur / Text Style / Text Color / Text Font After run "Edit" - "Copy" - "Copy Style ⌥⌘C", you can paste the fills, borders, shadows, inner shadows, blur to selected layers.
Add Solid Fill from CSS Color Fill from CSS color code.
Swap Fill and Border Swap fills and borders.
Remove All Disabled Styles Remove disabled styles in all layers of the current page.
Remove Unused Layer / Text Styles Remove unused layer styles and text styles.
Update Style for Selected Layers Update style for selected layers.
Reset Style for Selected Layers Reset style for selected layers.
Reset All Layer / Text Styles Reset all layer or text styles in document.
Find and Replace Layer/Text Style Find and replace layer or text style (include overrides) in current page, document or selected layers.
Merge Local Layer/Text Style with Same Name Merge local styles with same name.
Change Layer Blend Mode Change blend mode for selected layers.
Create Color Guide Create a color guide from document colors.
Create Style Guide Greate style guide from layer styles in current document.
Create Typography Guide Create typography style guide from text styles in current document.
Convert to Color Variable Convert fill, tint, text and override colors from selected layers to color variables with same value in document or library.
Add Styles from Selected Layers Create styles from selected layers, use layer name as style name.
Add Colors or Gradients from Selected Layers to Document Create document colors or gradients from selected layers.
Import Document Assets from Sketch File Import resources (colors, gradients, and patterns) from Sketch files.
Import Text Styles from Sketch File Import text styles from Sketch files.
Import Layer Styles from Sketch File Import a layer style from Sketch file.
Clear Guides Clear all guides.
Grid Presets Common Grid Presets, like 8x8, 10x10 etc.
Hide or Show All Grid/Layout Hide or show all grid or layout of artboard.
Remove Layouts Reset the layout in selected artboards.
Copy Grid/Layout/Guide Copy the grid/layout/guide from seleted artboard.
Paste Grid/Layout/Guide Apply the grid/layout/guide for seleted artboards, you must run Copy Grid/Layout/Guide first.
New Guide Create new guides.
New Guide Layout Create a guide layout.
New Guides From Layer Create guides base selected layers.
Export Layer Export selected layer.
Quick Export Direct export selected layers use export perset, not need to add slice or exportable.
Export Selected Layers Export selected layers with custom name.
Copy Text from Layer/Override Copy text from selected text layer or text override in symbol instance.
Export Data From Text Layers Export text file from the content of selected text layers.
Export Image From Layers Export images from selected bitmap or image-fill layers.
Export Data From Symbol Instances Export override texts and images from selected symbol instances.
Export JSON From Layers Export JSON from selected group or symbol instance layers.
Data - Calendar Insert year, month, day, week day ... to text layer or override.
Data - (Random) Image From Folder Apply image data to shape layer or overrides from image folder.
Data - (Random) Text From File Apply text data to text layer or overrides from text file.
Bring All Hotspot to Front Bring all hotspot layer to front.
Reset Flow Reset flow.
Remove All Hotspot Remove all hotspot layer.
Remove Hotspot in Selected Artboards Remove hotspot in selected artboards or symbol masters.
Copy to Clipboard Copy seleceted layer as png, 2x png, svg, svg path data, png base64.
Export Artboard to ICNS File Export selected artboard to icns file.
Pick Color and Copy the HEX Code Pick a color from screen and copy the HEX code.
Copy Selected Layer Name Copy the selected layer name to the clipboard.
Copy ObjectID or SymbolID When you select a layer, copy the ObjectID or SymbolID of the layer to the clipboard.
Show and Change Layer Info Show and change layer's objectID, symbolID etc.
Change Document ID Show and change document ID.
Plugin Dev Setting Some environment configs for Sketch plugin development.
Reload Plugins Reload all plugins.
Copy Document URL Use this url to open local document or publich cloud document in Sketch.
Shortcuts Manager A shortcuts manager.
Insert Layers from SVG Code Insert shape layers from SVG code.
Insert Layer from SVG Path Data Insert a shape layer from SVG path data code.
Export Clean Code SVG Export or copy selected layers to clean code SVG, it can ignore layers by name or type, and optimize with SVGO.
SVG Export Setting SVG export settings.
Nine-Slice from Bitmap Layer Crop a bitmap layer to 9 part with resizing constraint settings.
Convert Sketch File to Other Version Go to Sketch File for any later version of 43, you can open a high version file or go to a lower version.
Open Terminal at File Folder Open the terminal and switch to the directory of the current document.
Switch Language Switch Language for Sketch 45+.




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