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Device Art Generator for Photoshop

Photoshop Scripts for iOS and Android UI designers to generate the device art.

How to use

Dialog, The Easy Way.

Run "Scripts/deviceArtGeneratiorUI.jsx" set the Device, Design and Options, then press the "Generate" button.

Separate File
ParameterParameter typeWhat it does
createDeviceArt([deviceId]StringId list in devices array.
like: 'nexus_4', 'iPhone5_white'.
[, designFile]NULL,Boolean,FileNull and Boolen will open a dialog to choose a file.
[, isPortrait] Boolean Ture to use portrait mode, (default: true).
[, transparentBackground] Boolean Background of Psd document, (default: true).
[, hasShadow] Boolean Shadow of devices, (default: true).
[, hasForeground]);Boolean glare of device, (default: true).

Create a new jsx file in "Device_Art_Generator/Scripts" floder. Open and type the code below:

#target photoshop
#include 'deviceArtGenerator.jsx';

createDeviceArt('iPhone5_black', true, true, false);

You can change the last line like below:

createDeviceArt('nexus_4'); //Google Nexus 4 device with transparent background.


createDeviceArt('iPhone4s_white', true, true, false); //iPhone 4s white device with white background.


createDeviceArt('iPhone5_black_3d'); //iPhone 5 3D view with transparent background.


createDeviceArt('iPhone4s_black', null); //iPhone 4s black device without design.


createDeviceArt('iPhone5_black', activeDocument.fullName, true, false, true, true); //Use current document as design.


createDeviceArt('iPhone5_black', File('~/design.psd'), true, false, true, true); //Use a exists document as design.

Save document, double click the jsx file to run. If has trouble go to Photoshop, run this script form the 'File' -> 'Scripts' -> 'Browse...' menu.

Support Devices:

DeviceIDPortraitLandscapeScreen resolution (px)
Android Mobile and Tablet
Nexus 4nexus_4YY768x1280
Nexus 7nexus_7YY800x1280
Nexus 10nexus_10YY800x1280 (1600x2560)
Motorola XOOMxoomYY800x1280
Galaxy Nexusgalaxy_nexusYY720x1280
htc One Xhtc_one_xYY720x1280
SAMSUNG Galaxy Notesamsung_galaxy_noteYY800x1280
SAMSUNG Galaxy s3samsung_galaxy_s3YY720x1280
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 2samsung_galaxy_tab_2_7inchYY600x1024
iOS Mobile and Tablet
iPad 2 Black/WhiteiPad2_black, iPad2_whiteY-768x1024
iPad 2 Black/White PerspectiveiPad2_black_perspective, iPad2_white_perspective--1024x768
iPhone 4s Black/WhiteiPhone4s_black, iPhone4s_whiteYY640x960
iPhone 5 Black/WhiteiPhone5_black, iPhone5_whiteYY640x1136
iPad 3 Black/WhiteiPad3_black, iPad3_whiteYY1536x2048
iPad Mini Black/WhiteiPadMini_black, iPadMini_whiteY-768x1024
iPhone 5 3D Black/WhiteiPhone5_black_3d, iPhone5_white_3d--640x1136


All Android devices image download from Device Art Generator and android-ui-utils project.

All iPhone and iPad image download from