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Import Colors

Import colors from swatches file to Sketch. (For Sketch 53+)


  • Download zip file, unzip and double click on the ".sketchplugin" file.
  • Search "import colors" from Sketch Runner.


V1.0.x (for Sketch 53 ~ 68.x)

  • Import Colors to Document / Global
  • Import Colors as Library
  • Export Document / Global Colors to .txt or .clr file
  • Convert Colors to .txt or .clr File
  • Reset Global Colors

V2.0.x (for Sketch 69+)

  • Import Colors to Color Variables
  • Import Colors as Library
  • Import Colors and Update Color Variables
  • Convert Color Variables to .txt or .clr File
  • Export Color Variables to .txt or .clr file

Supported Formats

Name Extension Support Application
Apple Color Picker Palette .clr macOS Color Picker 1
Adobe Color Swatch .aco Photoshop 2
Adobe Color Table .act Photoshop 2
Adobe Swatch Exchange .ase Photoshop, Illustrator 2
GIMP Palette .gpl GIMP, Inkscape
Sketch Palette .sketchpalette Sketch (old version)
Sketch Preset .sketchpreset Sketch 3
Sketch Document .sketch Sketch 3
Text File .txt, .text Text Editor 4
  1. In Sketch run "View" - "Show Colors", select palette tab, then click the gear icon, to open .clr files.
  2. The color save in CMYK, LAB, Grayscale model from .aco or .ase file, maybe have different hex value between Sketch and Photoshop.
  3. Only import document colors.
  4. Save colors in each lines, like red: #ff0000, color support hex, CSS color name, 8-digit hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla.




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NOTE This plugin was created using skpm. For a detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the skpm Readme.