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My dotrc files
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My dotrc repo

The idea of this repo is to make it really easy for me to get my vim/bash setup really quickly on a new machine.

Using gnu-stow with the workflow described here:


  • consolidate window management hotkeys for tmux, screen, vim and OSX


git clone --recursive
cd dotrc

stow bash
stow ghc
stow git
stow plasma
stow i3
stow i3status
stow screen
stow spacemacs
stow tmux
stow vim
stow xorg

##Vim Plugins managed with pathogen and git submodules in this repo.

I can never remember the horrible git submodule commands:

cd dotrc/vim/.vim/bundle
git submodule add
git commit -m "Added some vim plugin"

# Removing old plugins
git rm ./vim/.vim/bundle/SomeOldPlugin
git commit -m "Aaaand it's gone."

# Updating all submodules from upstream
git submodule update --recursive --remote

# Updating all submodules to what's checked in dotrc
git submodule update --recursive
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