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This is the freeCodeCamp Random Quote Generator project I made in React using Material-UI.
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Random Quote Generator

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Random Quote Generator

Screenshot of Random Quote Generator website

About the project

This is one the freeCodeCamp Front-End Libraries projects.

The requirement is to create a Random Quote Generator in React that queries a third-party API for quotes. The quote then needs to be displayed in the browser and there needs to be a share on twitter button that allows someone to share the quote as a tweet on Twitter.

This project was built using the following:

  • React
  • Material-UI

The following packages and services are also used in the project:

  • Eslint
  • Prettier
  • TravisCI
  • LogRocket

The project is hosted on netlify.

Getting the project running locally

The following steps needs to be taken to run the project locally on your system.

You will require node.js to be already installed on your system. Using any version above 9.x should be fine.

You need to clone the project to your system and then change directory to be in the project folder.

git clone

cd random-quote-generator

The npm packages can then be installed and the project can be started.

npm i
npm run start

This will start a local server on http://localhost:3000 that you can open in your web browser.

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