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ADX – Askia Design eXtensions (ADT 1.0 and ADC 2.1)


We’ve made a lot of improvements on the way we generate pages in askiadesign. After the response block, the ADC has made the generation of controls a lot easier and more flexible. But there are still some remaining issues, specifically all options under the Internet options menu.

After years and years trying to make Design more open, more flexible, more… we have just succeeded in creating something that looks like this:

The approach we are using since now was:

  1. Askia generate all HTML for you
  2. Mr. Droopy is unhappy about the HTML generated he ask a new kind of generation
    • Askia create a dropdown menu option to select between the common HTML generation and the one of Mr. Droopy
  3. Mr. WaitAMinute points a lack of flexibility because he can’t reach the attribute of the tags
    • Askia create a textbox option to specify the attribute of the tags
    • Mr. Perfect asking another option to customize the <!doctype> because it’s not standard
      • Askia create another extra hole somewhere in his HTML generation algorithm to let Mr. Perfect enter what he want
    • Mr. NitPick would like to have his progress bar just between the button next and previous
      • Askia once again create a new hole on his cheese to let Mr. NitPick enter his HTML code between that two buttons
    • etc…
    • At the end of this approach:

      • Mr. WhichOne spams the support team to know which option between ‘Head’, ‘Header’ or ‘HTML tag’ he have to use to put his logo
      • Mr. Noob pointed out that he doesn’t know HTML at all!
      • Mr. IGiveUp don’t understand, think it’s too complicated and finally move to a competitor

      The system is more open and more flexible (or kind of) but at the same it’s less user-friendly, less understandable, more complicated and more frustrating.

      We have to move from that approach to a more convenient one.

      This is where the Askia Design Page (ADP) comes to the rescue.

      In addition of the ADP, we also wanted to ship a new version of the ADC (2.1) which fixes some misconceptions, adds some improvements, deprecates unnecessary features, …

      Both ADP 1.0 and the ADC 2.1 are bundled inside the ADX (Askia Design eXtensions) technology.

      Who is concerned by this documentation?

      This documentation is firstly intended for internal Askia communication, it describes the specification of the ADX. It can also be used by Askia customers who want to have details about ADX development.

      How to read the documentation

      • ADX – Askia Design eXtensions – Available for both ADP and ADC
      • ADP only – Askia Design Page – Only available for ADP
      • ADC only – Askia Design Control – Only available for ADC
      • 2.1.0 – New features introduced in the specified version of the ADX
      • Deprecated – Indicates deprecated features since the latest version. All deprecated elements are still available for the current version but will be remove in the next version.


      • [1 ] At least one and only one (mean required)
      • [0..1] Zero or one (mean optional)
      • [0..n] Zero or more (mean optional)
      • [1..n] At least one or more (mean required)

      Table of contents

      1. Definition
      2. Structure
      3. Config
      4. Master Page
      5. Master Page – Recommendations
      6. Generation Rules
      7. Generate Askia HTML Inputs
      8. Unit tests
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