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Root.Formatting.Spacing.SpacesAroundOperator Parent Index
Sibling aspects BlankLine TrailingSpace


Spacing around operators.


Taste Meaning Values
spaces_after_colon Represents the number of blank spaces after colons. 1, 0
spaces_around_operators Represents the number of space to be used around operators. 1, 0
spaces_before_colon Represents the number of blank spaces before colons. 0, 1

* bold denotes default value


This aspect does not have any sub aspects.


def f(a, x):
    return 37+a[42 -  x]


Having a specific and reasonable number of whitespace (blank) around operators improves on the readability of the code.

How to fix this

SpacesAroundOperator issues can be fixed by simply specifying and the number of whitespace to be used after each operator.