@Asnivor Asnivor released this Nov 22, 2016 · 555 commits to master since this release

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See the full Changelog for the full list of changes and the Roadmap for things on the horizon.

Important Release Notes

This latest release completely overhauls much of the Games Library code, along with the underlying database structure. These changes should provide much better performance for large libraries (so far tested with approx 20,000 games in the library).

Because of the database changes, you will find that updating your current version of MedLaunch results in all the games in your library showing as not scraped. You will have to scrape them again - although if any media files have been previously downloaded these will be found once scraping has been completed.

Notable Additions

  • Fixed pce-cd games not being found when doing a batch scrape
  • Added option (disabled by default) to always import Mednafen cfg files when MedLaunch starts
  • Major performance gains on games library datagrid (dirty flag updates to in-memory data rather than individual database calls everywhere)
  • Several secondary scraper edge-case bugfixes
  • Added scraped data related columns to main games library datagrid

New Install

  • Extract this release to a folder, run the 'MedLaunch.exe' executable and choose your Mednafen directory (must be the Mednafen 0.9.39.x branch and 64-bit version if you want to emulate Saturn games).
  • You are then prompted to choose whether to import all config settings from your Mednafen folder into the MedLaunch database (this is recommended).
  • If you currently use system-specific config files with Mednafen the settings from these will be imported with the above process. However MedLaunch will write to these files when you launch a game - so back them up somewhere if you are not happy with this.


Preferred Method:
  • Automatically download and upgrade using the 'Updates' tab within MedLaunch itself.
  • Once MedLaunch has upgraded, go to the 'Configs' tab and click the 'IMPORT ALL CONFIGS FROM DISK' button
Manual Method:
  • You can safely extract this new release over an existing MedLaunch folder (providing you do not have MedLaunch running at the time)
  • Once extracted run the MedLaunch.exe executable and your current database will be upgraded before the application starts proper.
  • Once MedLaunch has upgraded, go to the 'Configs' tab and click the 'IMPORT ALL CONFIGS FROM DISK' button