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Alpine Ski House

This is the example project for the Microsoft Press book ASP.Net Core Application Development: Building an Application in Four Sprints. You can buy the book off Amazon.


  1. Download the code.

  2. Open the solution file.

  3. Add a user secrets like :

        "Authentication": {
            "Facebook": {
                "AppId": "some app id",
                "AppSecret": "some secret"
            "Twitter": {
                "ConsumerKey": "some consumer key",
                "ConsumerSecret": "some consumer secret"
  4. Run commands to restore JavaScript packages in the src/AlpineSkiHouse.Web directory :

    yarn install
    bower install
    jspm install

    Note: This step requires that yarn, bower and jpsm are all installed globally. This is typically done using the node package manager (npm) that ships as part of node.

    npm install yarn -g
    npm install bower -g
    npm install jspm -g

    Note the second: Some people have reported issues running against 6.x.x versions of node. The image minification plugin has an upstream dependency on a 4.x.x series node. To solve this you can install a 4.x.x version of node (I'd recommend using to manage node versions) OR you can strip out the image minificaiton from the gulp file and packages.json file. The bug can be found at

  5. Run gulp :


    Note: This step requires that gulp is installed globally: npm install gulp -g

  6. Run the solution in Visual Studio.

Creating and updating the database

From the src/AlpineSkiHouse.Web folder, run the dotnet ef database update command for each DbContext.

dotnet ef database update --context AlpineSkiHouse.Data.ApplicationUserContext
dotnet ef database update --context AlpineSkiHouse.Data.ResortContext
dotnet ef database update --context AlpineSkiHouse.Data.PassTypeContext
dotnet ef database update --context AlpineSkiHouse.Data.SkiCardContext
dotnet ef database update --context AlpineSkiHouse.Data.PassContext

Image Attribution

Images on this project found by Creative Common search on Bing Image Search and used under CC BY The ASP.NET Monsters.

Artwork on this project is a derivative of images found by Creative Common search on Bing Image Search, and licensed under CC BY The ASP.NET Monsters.

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