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Blazor interop for browers Geolocation apis
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This package provides Blazor applications with access to the browser's Geolocation API

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  1. In your Blazor app, add the AspNetMonsters.Blazor.Geolocation NuGet package

    Install-Package AspNetMonsters.Blazor.Geolocation -IncludePrerelease
  2. In your Blazor app's Startup.cs, register the 'LocationService'.

    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
  3. Now you can inject the LocationService into any Blazor page and use it like this:

    @using AspNetMonsters.Blazor.Geolocation
    @inject LocationService  LocationService
    <h3>You are here</h3>
    Lat: @location?.Latitude <br/>
    Long: @location?.Longitude <br />
    Accuracy: @location?.Accuracy <br />
        Location location;
        protected override async Task OnInitAsync()
            location = await LocationService.GetLocationAsync();

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