allow more than one wildcard per path part #168

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Right now you can only have one virtual path per directory level. vimfan on this thread suggests a use case for having multiple variables per path part:

We're constrained by what are valid characters in a filesystem name: we certainly can't support arbitrary regular expressions as virtual path names. Can we come up with something else here?

pjz commented Apr 6, 2013

Right now the answer is: 'use a greedy simplate file'. What constraints of 'valid characters in a filesystem' are a problem? They can all be escaped with \s, I think. Not that I'm really in favor of this... "now you have two problems", as jwz says. If we really want to allow regexs, I'd suggest something simpler than full-on python 're' support - maybe one of the re2 variants like . Globs are so simple they're not worth doing (any use I can think of for them might as well just be a set of nested dirs), but an re2-based dispatcher could be done if it was really deemed useful.

Aspen member

Haven't gotten any further interest from the original poster or others. Let's close for now and reopen if/when there is further demand.

@whit537 whit537 closed this Apr 7, 2013
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