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Fictum is designed to make it easier to test your sproutcore applications in pure javascript by providing an intuitive interface to create a fake server to respond to your application's request.


To setup Fictum to work in your SproutCore project, we need to add the framework to your application.

$ cd <your sproutcore project's root directory>
$ mkdir frameworks # if you don't already have a frameworks folder
$ cd frameworks
$ git clone git://

Once Fictum has been downloaded into your frameworks directory, you then need to update your project's Buildfile file. This can be done like so:

config :all, :required => [:sproutcore, :fictum]


At this point, the easiest way to see how fictum can be used is to look at it's integration tests. These can be seen within foundation/tests/integration.

Running Fictum's Test Suite

First you need to update your Buildfile to include sproutcore-jasmine by uncommenting the lines specified in the Buildfile. Note: When you go back to production, you need to recomment out these lines.

Then start your server running.

$ cd <your sproutcore project's root directory>
$ sc-server

Integration Tests


Unit Tests

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