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This package provides a small cluster of riak nodes running in one virtual machine each. This allows to test out riak in its natural environment with failing and restarting machines and everything :).


$ git clone
$ gem install vagrant
$ vagrant up

This fires up 4 vms with riak installed and configured. If you want less vms, just start them by hand:

$ vagrant up riak1 riak2 riak3

All you have to do is to join them together. Navigate to:

Click on "cluster" and add the following additional nodes to the cluster:

  • riak@
  • riak@
  • riak@

All nodes are bound to, using the following port mapping:

  • http: 8098
  • https: 8068
  • protocol buffers: 8087
  • handoff: 8099

Words of warning

All scripts and configurations are intended for testing purposes. For example, the setup uses the demo certificates provided by basho. Don't use this setup in production without checking all settings.


Very welcome! If you know a better way to solve things, please send a pull request!