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Replication Archive for "The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Job Search: Evidence from Google Search Data"
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Replication Repository: "The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Job Search: Evidence from Google Search Data"

This file contains information regarding scripts, paper results, software versions, and data files for the paper:

The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Job Search: Evidence from Google Search Data


  • Main Analysis Code:
    • analysis/, Clean Texas Unemployment by MSA Data.
    • analysis/, Combine raw Google daily data for Texas.
    • analysis/, Merge Files Necessary for Non-Linear Least Squares Analysis of Texas Data.
    • analysis/, Run non-linear least squares analysis.
    • analysis/, create national Google series from raw files.
    • analysis/, add CPS data to Google search data.
    • analysis/, run national ols regressions.
    • analysis/4d_new_panel_restat.R, run impulse function panel regressions.
    • news_analysis/, create news figures.
    • comScore_analysis/, comscore search correlations.
    • atus_analysis/, compute atus correlations, Table A3.
    • atus_analysis/, generates numbers for Table A1.
    • atus_analysis/, generates estimates for Table 4, Figure A1.
    • google_analysis/, generates estimate for Table 5.
    • latex/*, generate paper and appendix.


  • Tables:

    • Table 2: Correlation of Google Search to Online Job Search Time - comScore Data

      • File Name: GooglecomScore.tex
      • Script: comscore_analysis/
    • Table 3: ATUS Search Time Correlation

      • File Name: ATUSCorr.tex
      • Script:
    • Table 4: Day of Week Fixed Effects for Google, comScore, and ATUS

      • File Name: holiday_dow.tex
      • Script:
    • Table 5: Empirical Tests of Google Job Search Measure

      • File Name: Table1.tex
      • Script:
    • Table 6: Effect of UI Status and Composition on Job Search (Non-linear Least Squares)

      • File Name: nllsregs_current_law.tex
      • Script:
    • Table 7: Effects of UI Expansions and Composition by State

      • File Name: national_regs_new_restat.tex
      • Script:
    • Table 8: Event Study Regression Results.

      • File Name: all_impulse.tex
      • Script: 4d_new_panel_restat.R
    • Table A1: Google Search Term Correlations

      • File Name: manually inputted into paper latex file
      • Script:
    • Table A2: Change in log(GJSI) Following Expansions: Robustness

      • File Name: robust_expansion_restat.tex
      • Script:
    • Table A3: ATUS Summary Statistics

      • File Name: Table created manually following stata output.
      • Script:
  • Figures:

    • Figure 1: Day-of-week Fixed Effects and Placebos
      • File Name: Day_of_Week_Effects.xlsx, dayofweekgraph.png, dayofweekgraph_placebo.png
      • Script:, paper figure made in excel
    • Figure 2: Average Weeks Left by Type
      • File Name: weeks_left_by_type.png
      • Script:
    • Figure 3: News Articles Regarding EUC
      • File Name: national_euc.png
      • Script: news_analysis/
    • Figure 4: Dynamic Response to Changes in UI Generosity
      • File Name: jump_shock_pre_2012.pdf, drop_shock_post_2011.pdf
      • Script: 4d_new_panel_restat.R

Software Versions:

  • R: Revo.version _

platform x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0 arch x86_64 os darwin15.6.0 system x86_64, darwin15.6.0 status major 3 minor 3.2 year 2016 month 10 day 31 language R version.string Microsoft R Open version 3.3.2 (2016-11-18 17:31:12 UTC)

  • Stata: version 11.2

Data Files:

  • National
    • final_merged_data.dta (file used for national level regressions of job search on UI variables.)
    • rothstein_data.dta (CPS data from Rothstein BPEA, 2011)
    • Folder: Google_Data/StateMonth_2004_2016: Most up to date Google Data in flat files for state by month.
    • Folder: Google_Data/StateMont2004_2013_1: Data used in old working paper versions of the paper. Only goes through 2013.
    • Google_Data/*: Contains aggregations of Google data, either at a daily, weekly, or monthly level.
  • ComScore:
    • comScore_analysis/all2007_final.dta: Data on job search time by user in comScore
    • comScore_analysis/idtostate.dta: map comScore to state
    • comScore_analysis/state_population.dta: state population
    • comScore_analysis/comscorestateday.dta: state by day comscore
  • American Time Use Survey (ATUS):
    • Gooogle_Data/all_aux_term_monthly_new.dta, jobs search for ATUS analysis.
    • ATUS/AllCPSATUS.dta ATUS and CPS data.
    • ATUS/statejobssearch, state level trends jobs
    • ATUS/statelocalsearch, state level trends local jobs
    • ATUS/stateweathersearch, state level trends weather
    • ATUS/StateUnemployment.dta, state unemployment
    • ATUS/gestcenstate.dta, GestfipsGestCen.dta, state and fips codes for merging.
  • Google News:
    • Google_Data/all_news_search_data: Data on news articles from Google.
  • Texas Designated Metropolitan Area (DMA)
    • tx_msa_unemp.dta (TX Unemployment)
    • clean_tx_msa_unemp.dta (TX Unemployment - Clean)
    • final_weekly_search_data (Combined Texas Google Search Data)
    • number_affected_data.dta (For each expansion / dma, how many people affected by getting more weeks?)
    • soph_weeks_left_data.dta (For each dma / week, how many individuals with specified weeks left of UI (current law)?)
    • number_weeks_on_data.dta (For each dma / week, how many individuals with specified weeks on UI?)
    • tx_msa_pop.dta (Population of texas msas.)
    • soph_readyforweeklyregs.dta (Combined all relevant weekly data for Texas NLLS analysis)
    • TX_Weeks_Left_Data_Alt.dta (Weeks left maximum by week in Texas by UI program)
    • Google_Data/TexasDailyData_* : Folders with csv and dta files of Google Data through 2013.
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