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Represents a runtime error.



Variant Description
Error Represents a general error.
RangeError Represents an error where a value is not in the range of allowed values.
TypeError Represents an error where a value is not of the expected type.
SyntaxError Represents an error where the syntax of the input in invalid.

The Errorclass can also be sub-classed by forwarding message and setting the name property in the overloaded constructor.


The Error API is very similar to JavaScript's (MDN), with some properties not being implemented yet.


  • new Error(message?: string) Constructs a new error object.



  • Error#message: string The message of this error.
  • Error#name: string The name of this error. In case of Error, this is "Error".
  • Error#stack: string The stack trace of this error. Not supported yet, hence an empty string.


  • Error#toString(): string Returns a string representation of this error in the form name: message.
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