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[deprecated] AssemblyScript's memory management runtime in C.
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AssemblyScript's memory management runtime in C based on musl, dlmalloc and tgc.

Memory layout

                                       1               2
       0               8               6               4
      ^ NULL          | _HEAP (1)      | _MSPACE (2)    | _GC (3)     |
      | static memory ...                                           >>>
      |                                                             >>>
(1)-> +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
(2):  | heap ...                                                      $
(3):  |                                                               $

Means that the first 8 bytes are reserved for NULL, followed by 8 bytes each holding the heap offset (1), the allocated mspace structure offset (2) and the allocated tgc structure offset (3). These are always aligned to 8 bytes just in case even when compiling for WASM32 that stores 32-bit LE integers here.

Static memory follows at offset 32, if any, again followed by the heap. The heap is not necessarily aligned to 32 bytes as the table might suggest.

Setup is done by calling init() from the WebAssembly start function. It takes the pre-calculated heap offset from memory and configures the runtime accordingly by setting _MSPACE and _GC to their respective values.


Core runtime:

  • init(): void
  • memcmp(vl: uintptr, vr: uintptr, n: uintptr): int
  • memcpy(dest: uintptr, src: uintptr, n: uintptr): uintptr
  • memset(dest: uintptr, c: int, n: uintptr): uintptr
  • malloc(size: uintptr): uintptr
  • realloc(ptr: uintptr, size: uintptr): uintptr
  • free(ptr: uintptr): void

Experimental garbage collector runtime:

  • gc_pause(): void
  • gc_resume(): void
  • gc_collect(): void
  • gc_alloc(size: uintptr, flags: int): uintptr
  • gc_realloc(ptr: uintptr, size: uintptr): uintptr
  • gc_retain(ptr: uintptr): uintptr
  • gc_release(ptr: uintptr): uintptr

In the final WebAssembly binary, runtime function names are prefixed with a dot to avoid conflicts with user-defined functions.


Clone the GitHub repository and install the development dependencies:

$> git clone
$> cd runtime
$> npm install

Afterwards, to build the runtime to dist/, run:

$> npm run build