Bucket name with period just hangs #237

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9mm commented Nov 9, 2013

Hey, here is my config

AssetSync.configure do |config|
  config.run_on_precompile      = true
  config.fog_provider           = 'AWS'
  config.aws_access_key_id      = AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
  config.aws_secret_access_key  = AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
  config.fog_directory          = 'static.example.com'
  config.fog_region             = 'us-east-1'
  config.gzip_compression       = true

I'm using CloudFlare for a CDN though, which requires a CNAME to point to my bucket, thus I have to have a hostname-style bucket name.

During deploy, it just hangs after it says using asset_sync.rb with no errors. Does this require an extra setting?


If you're still having trouble with this, see my monkey-patch solution in #239

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