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Département Sécurité de la DDSI de l'Assurance Maladie

IT Security Department of Assurance Maladie (French public Health Insurance)


  1. Monitor certificates generated for specific domain strings and associated, store data into sqlite3 database, alert you when sites come online.

    Python 124 28

  2. Retrieve AD accounts description and search for password in it

    Python 62 10

  3. FoxTerrier Public

    Python tool to find vulnerable AD object and generating csv report

    Python 9

  4. Yara rules for malware

    YARA 4

  5. Website of the IT Security team of Assurance Maladie (French public Health Insurance)

    HTML 3 1

  6. abuse Public

    (FR) Informations de contact de l'équipe Abuse de l'Assurance Maladie. (EN) Contact infos of the Assurance Maladie Abuse team.

    2 1



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