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Collect the gems to power the spaceship & launch to the next level!
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Rocket Ready

Rocket Ready live

Our rocket needs power gems to launch! Collect the gems using the arrow keys and bring them to the spaceship. Watch out for monsters...

alt text


This project was created during a four-day sprint hackathon, and as such it currently functions properly but is sorely in need of a refactor! I am working to make the code modular, after which I will breathe much easier.

How to Play

alt text

  • To start the game, press the up arrow key
  • Use the left and right keyboard arrow keys to walk left and right, and jump by pressing the up arrow key
  • Once at the game over screen or the win screen, you can begin again at the start screen by pressing the up arrow key


I made this project during a four-day sprint hackathon using, Node.js, Express, HTML, CSS and Google Fonts. It is the first game I've made. During the course of the hackathon I learned how to define the environment physics of game elements as well as collision and overlap interactions. I created 3 levels, 6 game states, and a reliable current player stats display. I also built an Express server and a user-friendly browser interface.

What's next for Rocket Ready?

I would primarily like to refactor and optimize the code, after which point I can focus on several additional features including:

More Gameplay Elements

  • More complex monster behavior
  • A timer
  • The ability of the player to fire a weapon
  • Pushable blocks
  • A more elaborate scoring system

A Pause Button

To stop gameplay indefinitely, handled by a specified keyboard input.

More Levels

Each with increasing difficulty, building upon the last. Ideally I would like to implement at least ten levels.

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