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title: OpenEmbedded
layout: documentation
<p><a href="">OpenEmbedded</a> is the build system used by AsteroidOS, it allows to easily maintain embedded linux distributions. OE is also used by project such as WebOS-Ports, SHR or Ångström. OpenEmbedded is supported by the <a href="">Yocto project</a> from the Linux Foundation and provides a rock-solid basis for AsteroidOS.</p>
<p>OpenEmbedded uses the bitbake tool which is developed in python to generate images (like asteroid-image) from packages (like asteroid-launcher-dev) built from recipes (ex: provided in layers (ex: meta-asteroid).</p>
<p>Layers are git repositories containing a bunch of related recipes, example of layers include board support packages like <a href="">meta-dory-hybris</a> or meta-rockchip which describe a way to support a new machine, but also UI layers like meta-xfce or meta-gnome which describe the building process of graphic components.</p>
<p>A recipe describe how to fetch, patch, configure, compile, install, package (in .rpm, .deb or .ipk) and test a piece of software. Bitbake handles all those operations and dependencies between them and between recipes. In the end it can generate images or SDK for multiple targets.</p>
<p>Contributing to the AsteroidOS’s OE architecture mostly consists in maintaining the <a href="">meta-asteroid</a> and meta-*-hybris repositories which contain the recipes related to Asteroid and the watches BSPs.</p>
<p>In depth info can be found in <a href="">the Mega-Manual</a>.</p>
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