OpenEmbedded layer that provides the basis of AsteroidOS
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Latest commit 690792b Oct 3, 2018
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classes abootimg, mkbootimg, mkboot, statefs, timed: Use the new pkg_postinst… Aug 28, 2018
conf asteroid.conf: Simplify DISTRO_FEATURES Aug 28, 2018
files Fixes usage of FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES which fixes the owner of /home… May 21, 2017
recipes-android android-tools: Use the newer adbd recipe now provided by meta-openemb… Oct 22, 2017
recipes-asteroid recipes-asteroid/*: Make an explicit dependency to qtdeclarative-nati… Sep 8, 2018
recipes-connectivity ofono: Adapt SRC_URI to the patches used by OE sumo Aug 28, 2018
recipes-core libhybris: Enable experimental flags, required by lenok and swift, at… Sep 23, 2018
recipes-devtools Make a couple of bbappends version-agnostics Feb 20, 2018
recipes-gnome/dconf Make a couple of bbappends version-agnostics Feb 20, 2018
recipes-graphics ttf-asteroid-fonts: Cache fonts before first load Aug 28, 2018
recipes-kernel/linux linux-yocto: Build the emulator kernel with support for a DRM VirtIO … Oct 28, 2017
recipes-multimedia pulseaudio-modules-*: Install modules to /usr/lib/pulse-11.1/ accordi… Aug 28, 2018
recipes-navigation/geoclue geoclue: Make a build dependency to python3-six-native explicit to fi… Sep 22, 2018
recipes-nemomobile nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettins: Provide /etc/location/location.conf in… Oct 3, 2018
recipes-qt qtwayland: Rewrite a patch to force the generation of private wayland… Oct 1, 2018
recipes-support Adds a farstream recipe needed by telepathy-farstream Oct 4, 2017
scripts check-config: disable legacy PTY and save ~1 sec of boot time Sep 10, 2016
LICENSE Initial commit Jun 8, 2015