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BG1 Unfinished Business ("BG1UB") is a mod designed to restore many of the cut items, quests, and encounters from the original Baldur's Gate game's final release, as well as try to tie up some of the "loose ends."

Changes in this release

    • Fixed bug on Tutu with Unshey's restored dialog
    • Updated Italian Translation - thanks Aedan!
    • Svlast, the Fallen Paladin: Made Svlast's items unidentified
    • Updating BGT_VAR for EET Support


If you encounter any problems installing the mod, please post the contents of the file SETUP-bg1ub.DEBUG at the BG1UB support forum.

Note for Steam/GOG users with SoD installed: Before installing BG1UB or any other mods, you will need to use the ModMerge utility to make your game moddable.


The BG1UB is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.

Mac OS X

To install, extract the mod archive, then copy of the contents of the folder "osx-bg1ub-v14.1" into your game folder (the folder which contains the chitin.key file). If properly extracted, you should have a "bg1ub" folder, setup-bg1ub, and setup-bg1ub.command in your game folder. To install, simply double-click setup-bg1ub.command and follow the instructions on screen.