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A/B Day for Baltimore County Public Schools

A/B Day is an iOS and watchOS application and website designed to help students, parents, and teachers keep track of the A/B block schedule for Baltimore County Public Schools. It allows you to input any day in the future or past (as far back as the A/B system has existed) and find out whether it was or will be an A or B day.

You can receive notifications each morning informing you of what type of day that day will be; it will also inform you of delays or closings if applicable. This information is also tweeted from the @abdaybot account on Twitter, if that's more your style.

Notifications are sent from a server written in Python that maintains a constantly-updated copy of the A/B schedule, and the server pulls from BCPS's website each morning to check for closings and delays. In the event of a closing or delay, the app will automatically send a notification and update the stored schedule to reflect these changes, which can be viewed from the app.

Lastly, there is a common endpoint used for all of these clients that can be queried for the latest date information if you'd like to make something yourself that uses this data.


An app and website for students to keep track of the A/B block schedule for BCPS.






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