Connect your OctoPrint device to the AstroPrint 3D Printing Cloud
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OctoPrint Plugin: AstroPrint Cloud

What is AstroPrint?

AstroPrint is a 3D Printing Software Platform that makes 3D Printing easy and enjoyable. It includes, queing, file management, remote monitoring, video livestreaming, access to quality printable content, and more...

You can access your 3D Printer via our mobile apps, desktop app or the AstroPrint Cloud at

More info or create an account at

What is this Plugin?

This plugin allows you to link your OctoPrint-enabled 3D Printer to your AstroPrint account. Once the link is established, you will be able to:

  • Monitor your 3D Printer from anywhere.
  • Use the AstroPrint Mobile App, Desktop App or cloud to start, pause or cancel print jobs.
  • Search for designs on Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and Toy Maker and print directly to your 3D Printer.

How to Install

Simply download the zip file from the latest release and install it using your OctoPrint Plugin Manager.

How to Use

Once the plugin is installed, you will see an "AstroPrint" tab.

The first thing you need to do is to link the OctoPrint device to your AstroPrint account. You need the Access Key on your AstroPrint Cloud Settings section. It's under Advanced Settings. After that, you can accept the connection and you should see the design files on your AstroPrint acount.

Once the OctoPrint device is linked, your device will be part of your AstroPrint connected devices, you can use it with the mobile app, monitor from the cloud and start/stop jobs remotely.

Mobile Apps

Once your OctoPrint installation has been "AstroPrint-Enabled", you can download and use the AstroPrint Mobile app to control your 3D Printer locally and remotely.

Download App Here

Note: For the iOS app, make sure you eanbled CORS Access in the OctoPrint API Settings.


You can use one of these channels: