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ImageJ Microscope Image Montage Tool

IJMIMT is a plugin for the ImageJ Java Image Editor. It semi-automates the process of putting together an image montage of one or several selections in multiple microscope images. The resulting montage then can be used in publications or presentations. The automated part of this plugin searches for suitable areas to select and suggests them to the user. After selecting one or multiple areas the montage is then automtically assembled.

This plugin is especially useful for multiple images taken by fluorescence microscopy showing different fluorescent filter settings of the same sample.


Simply download the "ijmimt_.jar" from this repository and place it inside your ImageJ plugins folder. Make sure you have added the image_edge plugin, too! (See "Dependencies")


IJMIMT depends on the "image_edge.jar" plugin (

Issues, Bugs, Feedback

Found a bug? Please create an issue on this github page. If you want to give general feedback mail me or open a discussion issue.