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A simple gazetteer search plugin for QGIS
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QGIS Gazetteer Plugin

Adds a gazetteer search panel to QGIS 1.8 / 2.0 which by default searches GeoNames and OSM Nominatim plus an Astun Technology iShare address search.

Available Gazetteers

All searches are performed via a web service call. The available searches can be configured in gazetteers/config.ini, each gazetteer requires a corresponding set of config / logic in it's own python file in gazetteers.

The qgis-gazetteer-search repository by mixedbredie is a good choice if you'd like to roll your own search webservice such as one based on the LLPG (Local Land and Property Gazetteer) or LSG (Local Street Gazetteer) used in Great Britain.



The plugin files need to live in a directory called gazetteersearch inside the QGIS Python plugins directory.

Windows note: The QGIS plugin directory should be under C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\.qgis2\python\plugins\ (Windows XP) or C:\Users\<Username>\.qgis2\python\plugins\ (Windows +7).

QGIS 1.8 note: QGIS 1.8 stores it config under a .qgis directory.

Once the plugin is loaded in the python directory, it can be enabled from the list of installed plugins in QGIS and then accessed from the plugins menu.

Using git

If you are using git then simply clone the repository into your QGIS python plugins directory:

cd ~/.qgis2/python/plugins/
git clone gazetteersearch

Copyright and usage of gazetteers


GeoNames data is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, further details regarding usage can be found on the GeoNames website.

OSM Nominatim

Use of the OSM Nominatim search is subject to the Nominatim usage policy. OpenStreetMap data is © OpenStreetMap contributors and available under the Open Database Licence.


Astun Technology

  • Uncomment the Astun Technology Gazetteer from gazetteers\config.ini
  • In gazetteers\
    • edit the url (line 4) to point at your iShare Maps getdata.aspx URL. This is generally your standard iShare Maps Web URL, ending in getdata.aspx
    • edit the mapsource (line 10) to match your iShare MapSource (generally the default My Maps MapSource)
  • Note that installations requiring credentials for access (such as iShare GIS) are not currently compatible with the Gazetteer Plugin.
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