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Chef repository for installing and managing the Git source code management system.
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Installs and configures the Git source control management system. By default the Git client is installed, but the git::server recipe provides the infrastructure for serving Git repositories over ssh.



Tested on

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Solaris 10
  • CentOS 6

Data bags named users and git_repos must exist (see USAGE).


If running on Solaris 10, the system needs to have been bootstrapped to use the publically provided EveryCity IPS/pkg(5) repository at In the Atalanta Systems environment this is still done manually, and no cookbook or bootstrap mechanism exists for this.

To use the Git cookbook in a Solaris 10 environment as described, you must have the following cookbooks:

  • ips
  • solaris

These need to be the first two entries on the run list.

The git::server recipe depends upon the users cookbook.



  • node['git']['user'] - user which owns the Git repositories. Default is git
  • node['git']['repo_dir'] - directory in which git repositories are kept. Default is /srv/git



Installs the Git client.


Sets up a directory to contain Git repositories, and a user to own them. The server recipe is driven by two databags - users, which is set up in the users cookbook and git_repos.

The users cookbook is used to contain the public key for users that require access to the Git repositories. For full documentation of the users databag, see the users cookbook README. For integration with the git::server cookbook, add a git_key entry such as the following to each users databag item:

{ "id": "angelo", 


"git_key": {
    "name": "id_rsa", 
    "public":"ssh-rsa AAAAB........"



The git_repos cookbook is the place where git repositories are defined. For each repository required, simply create a databag item, containing simply the id tag such as:

  "id": "haldolium"

This will result in the creation of a bare repository, to which code can be pushed.



  • Support finer grained access control via gitosis or gitolite
  • Create git repositories via an LWRP


  • Initial release

License and Author

Author:: Atalanta Systems (

Copyright:: 2011, Atalanta Systems Ltd

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