Plugins for Prismatik software (just copy any folder to you Prismatik profile dir)
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Public repo with Python plugins for Prismatik software

the plugins compatible with Prismatik 5.9.6 only!

Prismatik software on [Lightpack project page] (


  • Push "Dowload ZIP" button at the bottom of the right menu of the [repo main page] (
  • Unzip downloaded archive locally
  • Just copy plugins folders to the Prismatik profile dir, e.g. for Win C:\Documents and Settings\Atarity\Prismatik\Plugins or in OS X /Users/Atarity/.Prismatik/Plugins
  • Push "Reload plugins" button in Prismatik
  • Read "About" tab if plugin did not work properly

To committers and contributors:

  1. Do not commit third-party Python modules. Describe all dependancies in plugin readme.txt or directly in "About" section
  2. Add all third-party Python modules you use in <Prismatik profile>/Plugins/site-packages/ dir
  3. Use "Fork" button if you plan to develop something "hardcore-experimental-not-for-all" feature

###Repo mapping tips and triks: Use Linux-way linking in Windows to map specific plugin directly from repo to Prismatik profile dir. Use folder symbol links for it (Alt+F6 in Far Manager).