MAL Updater OS X

We develop solutions for Mac users who enjoy Japanese Media.

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  1. hachidori

    Open Source Kitsu and AniList Scrobbler for macOS

    Objective-C 26

  2. Shukofukurou

    Native Kitsu, and AniList Tracker for macOS written in Objective-C

    Objective-C 24 2

  3. Nekomata

    AniList/Kitsu to MyAnimeList List XML Exporter for Windows

    C# 10 1

  4. malupdaterosx-cocoa

    Native MyAnimeList Scrobbler for macOS

    Objective-C 24 6

  5. Shukofukurou-iOS

    AniList, and Kitsu Tracker for iOS written in Objective-C

    Objective-C 1

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