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MAL Updater OS X

We develop solutions for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users who enjoy Japanese Media.

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  1. Open Source Kitsu, AniList, and MyAnimeList Scrobbler for macOS

    Objective-C 43 1

  2. Native AniList, Kitsu, and MyAnimeList Tracker for macOS written in Objective-C

    Objective-C 34 3

  3. AniList, Kitsu, and MyAnimeList Tracker for iOS/iPadOS written in Objective-C

    Objective-C 13 2

  4. Anime/Manga Title ID Relations JSON API written in C# (ASP.NET Core)

    C# 6 2

  5. Cocoa Framework that outputs what Anime and Episode that is being streamed from Safari, Webkit, Omniweb, Roccat and Chrome on macOS

    Objective-C 7 2

  6. Python 3 Flask-based REST API to retrieve legal stream data links

    Python 6 1


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