Anime/Manga Title ID Relations JSON API written in C# (ASP.NET Core)
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Hato (鳩 lit. Pigeon) is a REST API built on ASP.NET Core and written in C#. It allows developers to easily look up title identifiers for a certain title and media type (Anime or Manga) on different listing services to increase interoperability for things like exporting lists, list syncing and updating entries on different services of the same title. The mappings are stored in a database so that title id mappings can be retrieved quickly without performing another lookup.

Why Hato over ARM (Anime Relations Mapper)?

  1. It doesn't depend on one service - Besides using Notify to generate a title id mapping for anime, it uses Kitsu and AniList APIs to look up title ids as a fallback, just in case if the title is not on Notify.
  2. Hato supports Manga mappings.
  3. With a database backend, Hato can easily retrieve existing mappings relatively quickly. Title ID mappings are very unlikely to change over time, except for media discovery services adding titles that didn't exist previously.
  4. C# is better than Javascript and with .NET Core, it's faster than nodeJS with crossplatform compatability.

Supported Services

Currently, Hato supports conversion of title ids of the following:

How to Use

Note: The production endpoint ( as shown below is restricted to only testing use (through the testing page) and approved applications. In order to have your application (user agent) approved, you must be an active patron. You can become a patreon here


GET type)/(id)


Parameter Value Required
service mal or kitsu or anilist (Anime only: anidb or notify) true
media type MediaType (anime or manga) true
id number true




        "type" : 0,
        "type_str" : "anime"

How to install

The instructions are in beta, to be changed in the future.

  1. Clone repo
  2. Execute setupschema.sql to setup the schema on your MySQL or MariaDB server.
  3. Navigate to the Hato > Helpers folder in the cloned repository. Rename ConnectionConfig-samplecs to ConnectionConfig.cs
  4. Open ConnectionConfig.cs and specify the database server, database name, database user and password.
  5. To deploy on your enviroment of choice, refer to these guides:


Hato is licensed under Apache License 2.0.