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@moyitpro moyitpro released this Jul 27, 2018 · 26 commits to 3.0-future since this release

This release adds a number of improvements such as faster list updating, Custom List support (AniList only) and exporter improvements. This release will run independently from the stable version and you don't need to login again (except for Mac App Store users). Note that there is no Mac App Store version migration implemented yet, but it will be added in the future for only test releases.

Note that these test releases are meant to give feedback to the developer or discover bugs.

Note: Due to DeNA's disablement of the MyAnimeList APIs, MyAnimeList support have been temporarily removed from the Application. I highly advise users to consider transitioning to Kitsu or AniList. You may import MyAnimeList Anime XML lists through our built in importers in addition to exporting AniList and Kitsu lists to MyAnimeList XML format. We are currently figuring out a temporary work around to fix at least the list management features so we can enable MyAnimeList support

Requires macOS 10.10 or later.

New Features

  • Custom List support for AniList (Donors only)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Faster list updates compared to the previous version. Shukofukurou will no longer retrieve the whole list with each list update besides adding new titles and automatic/manual list refreshing.
  • Converted List Exporting is now faster.
  • The list views will keep the same scroll position when an entry is updated or the list is refreshed.
  • Fix a potential bug if the MAL Title ID is null for an AniList title (e.g. does not exist on MAL)
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