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James Moy edited this page May 18, 2019 · 21 revisions

Hachidori uses the following open source frameworks and classes. Note that this applications license do not apply to these classes/libraries/frameworks

  • detectstream - Used for legal stream detection -This is developed by myself and is licensed under MIT License

  • AFNetworking and AFOAuth2Manager- Used to perform oAuth2 Authentication and HTTP requests that do not require synchronous connections - Licensed under MIT License

  • DetectionKit - Used for media detection and title recognition - Licensed under BSD License

  • CocoaOniguruma - Used for regular expressions and parsing - Licensed under BSD License.

  • MASPreferences - Preferences UI - Licensed under the BSD License

  • PFMoveApplication - Used to move the application to the Applications folder - Licensed under Public Domain

  • string_score - Used for comparing the score of two matches to ensure accurate matches - Licensed under MIT License

  • MASShortcut - Used for Global Hotkey support - Licensed under the BSD License

  • MSWeakTimer - Licensed under MIT License

  • Anitomy - Used to parse video filenames - Licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 2 (Source code and license included in this repo)

  • Reachability - Detects if Hachidori can communicate to Kitsu, used for offline queuing. - Licensed under BSD License

  • Sparkle - Used for automatic software updating and checking - Licensed under BSD License

  • SAMKeychain - Used to store account information and Hummingbird API Auth token. Licensed under MIT License

  • Toolbar icons from