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New features

  1. Adapted to work on php 5.6^


New features

  1. Add a chunked collection. ie: Takes care of splitting Urls into 50,000 chunks.


  1. Increase coverage to 100%.
  2. Changes to the gitlab build process. Coverage is now published.
  3. Update README badges, remove scrutinizer, add ones.
  4. Replace phpSpec with phpunit.

Bug fixes

  1. The "Link" extension didn't write the correct attributes.
  2. Attributes weren't being written correctly.


Fixed a bug with the collection validation, was always throwing an exception.


Breaking changes

  1. PHP 5.6 support dropped.
  2. Structure for generating sitemaps has changed.
  3. Dropped support for indenting and formatting the output.


  1. Moved the XML logic out of the value objects.
  2. Anything that resembles a date has to be an instance of a DateTimeInterface.
  3. Update the README.

With this release I also migrated the project to GitLab because of the built in CI.

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