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@@ -239,6 +239,37 @@ \chapter{System stakeholders and requirements}
+ \item Acquirers: the Siberian Trucking Company (STC) will be paying for the
+ development of the system to aid in business logic. The users of the system
+ will be members of the STC's business administration.
+ \item Assessors: the business administration of the STC will determine if the
+ STS provides the appropriate information for making decisions related to
+ the operation of the trucking fleet.
+ \item Communicators: the developers will create documentation regarding the
+ operation of the system, while the business administration of the STC will
+ be responsible for the training of the end users of the system.
+ \item Developers: the STC has contracted a group from the University of
+ Copenhagen to develop the system.
+ \item Maintainers: the STC has a team of developers responsible for
+ maintaining and evolving the STS system after it is completed.
+ \item Production Engineers: the STS system will be deployed onto the Amazon
+ EC2 platform, outsourcing the deployment environment to Amazon's
+ engineering staff.
+ \item Suppliers: servers will be provided by Amazon's EC2 platform, while the
+ GPS units are assumed to already be installed on the STC's trucks.
+ \item Support Staff: it is assumed that the STC has the appropriate IT staff
+ for helping the end users of the STS in accomplishing their appropriate
+ business administration tasks.
+ \item System Administrators: Amazon provides the appropriat hardware
+ administration while the STC has a team of developers responsible for
+ updating and maintaining the software environment of the EC2 instances.
+ \item Testers: The STC has a team of developers responsible for testing and
+ ensuring the STS works effectively.
+ \item Users: members of the STC's business administration team who will use
+ and analyze data provided by the STS to make informed business decisions.
Define each of the key stakeholders and stakeholder groups, explaining
their interest, needs and concerns for the system.

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