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I Am Tree

A Ludum Dare #34 entry by Christina Louise Warne.

The project requires ZenGL (, which doesn't officially seem to support Delphi any more, but it seemed to work just fine with Delphi XE7, providing you didn't want to target anything other than Win32.

The aim of the game is to grow apples.

You do this by feeding your tree with an army of beetles. If it's healthy (leaves are green) in spring, it will sprout flowers. In the summer these become apples.

You need bees to pollinate your flowers, and you need to protect the apples from wasps. Left clicking a flower will make it more attractive to bees (a flower flirt) and left clicking an apple will hide it from the wasps for a short time.

You can download compiled binaries from ( is my own link shortener).

This is my first attempt at a game jam. Some of the code is awful, but some of it... I quite like, object orientation to make some things easy.

Since submitting your source is a requirement for the Ludum Dare compo, I thought I push it to github as well.

In this repository is everything you should need to build the game, except ZenGL and the original Photoshop files for the art (if you can call it that).


My Ludum Dare #34 entry - I Am Tree






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